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3 of My Favorite Beauty and Wellness Bloggers

Keeping a healthy lifestyle is very important to me as you can see from my last blog post. There are a ton of people giving out advice about makeup, beauty products, healthy eating, fitness, etc. But all bloggers have their own unique voice when doing so. I love discovering influencers who share their passions in life which is why I love discovering influencers bringing their unique spin.

Below are 3 of my favorite bloggers bringing their own twist:

Dr. Sanáa


Dr. Sanáa, also known as ladydork on Instagram, is a self-taught yoga master and a PhD engineer. She’s also one of the most down to earth yoga instructors I’ve ever met. Last year, I attended one of her sessions here in Chicago. She made the atmosphere open and free of pretension. There were all kinds of people taking the class with me. All body shapes and sizes. People who were new to yoga and those who had studied for years. She welcomed everyone like a close friend. If you’re not able to attend one of her sessions in person you can participate in one of the monthly yoga challenges she hosts on her Instagram or do like me and start your practice using one of her ebooks!



Shelah Marie


Hip Hop, spirituality and quantum physics. An unlikely combo, no? Well any topic is up for discussion for actress, activist and part-time yogini Shelah Marie. Shelah Marie is honestly like the sister you never had. She gives great advice to help you grow spiritually including how to use different forms of meditation to become more self-aware. She also begins many of her Periscopes with some real turn up which as you know I love. When she’s not doling out advice or sharing screen time with her healer, Audrey, she’s can be found slaying in form-fitting dresses, gearing up for her Curvy, Curly, Conscious tour or dancing with her boyfriend Ace Hood! Who couldn’t love her?


Day 12: Love — We are full of contradictions. I don't agree with all of his choices, he doesn't agree with mine all the time — but that's the best part. We support each other regardless. Not only when the other person is doing what you want them to do. And that type of radical acceptance (really of yourself first) breeds a deep love that is rewarding and nothing short of transformational. It is the act of accepting someone else EXACTLY as they are that moves people to grow into their best selves. — ✨ @mimijonline and I have teamed up to put on a fun 14 day #photochallenge in efforts to spread love and gratitude! — Two lucky winners will win a beauty prize from @theglamatory and a Curvy, Curly, Conscious Gift bag (valued over 150.00) — To enter follow these simple steps: 1) follow @theshelahmarie and @mimijonline on IG 2) Tag #PrettyThankful 3) Follow along on our 14 day posts — Bodysuit and jacket from @touchdolls

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Ellarie is well-known in the beauty world. From detailed makeup tutorials to cute videos with her daughter, Ellarie is seriously living the life! I love watching makeup tutorials because makeup artists can produce serious works of art…for your face! I gave up wearing eyeshadow looooong ago but when I see Ellarie glamify her lids, it makes me want to pick up a brush and give it another try. My favorite videos are of her creating cool lip and glittery eye looks. See a slice of Ellarie below:


I’m always on the outlook for new influencers to follow. Who are your favorite lifestyle influencers? Leave a comment and share them below!

Until next time 🙂

XO Zuri


  1. Dasha

    THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU for introducing me to Shelah Marie and welcome to the blogospere!

    Dasha |


    1. Zuri Ki

      Hi Dasha! Isn’t she great!? Thanks for reading my post.


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