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Why 2016 Was Your Best Year Yet

For the last 3 months or so of the year, everywhere I turned I heard people talking about why 2016 was a terrible year. And how they couldn’t WAIT for it to be over. You hear it so many times you start to believe it. You look to 2017 as your jolly rancher life saver. As though as soon as the clock hit midnight on January 1st all of the terrible things that happened will no longer matter and the clock will magically reset. Well honeypie you and I both know that’s not how that works. You cannot just hit reset and start the countdown over again. I bet if you took just one minute to think things over you could remember a number of good things that happened this year. Actually, if you really sat down and reflected I bet you could think of how successful 2016 was for you. Maybe 2016 was actually your best year yet.

There are a number of things that could constitute a good year. I’ve decided to focus on just three. If you were able to do at least one of the 3 things below then consider your self lucky because you’ve had an amazing year!

Best year yet

1) You Accomplished Something

Accomplishing a goal, no matter how small, can set you on a path to conquering larger goals that you could only dream of. From day-to-day we forget to acknowledge the small goals we complete or the habits that we break. Did you complete a small goal like drinking one less cup of coffee a day or a large goal like buying a house? Maybe you took a few steps to getting to those goals, like saving up for a down payment. You might have had to sacrifice your time or money but in the end it was well worth it. Make sure you celebrate the small victories you’ve made on your journey.

The countdown to the end of a year is a great time to look back on all the goals we’ve achieved over the last 12 months. As of today, you’ve had 363 days in 2016. What did you accomplish?

Best year yet

2) You Grew

Personal growth is natural. We make several transitions in life as we learn more about ourselves and adjust to our ever changing environment. It is vital for us to continue growing not just physically but emotionally and spiritually. We have to first be able to acknowledge a period of transition and then allow ourselves the time and space to change our personal ideals and norms. As I mentioned in above, maybe you broke a bad habit this year. Did you make a major realization? Have an “aha” moment? Did you make a positive change to your mental, physical or spiritual self?

If you were able to reflect on your prior behavior and took steps to growing into a better person then you’ve had a successful year. So how did you grow into your better self this year?

Best year yet

3) You Have Something to Build On

Accomplishing a goal or making a small change that will help you grow into a better person can be the start to building a great foundation. Starting a side business that will help you generate more income, surrounding yourself with supportive friends or simply organizing your everyday life and freeing it of clutter are also examples of laying good foundations. With the help of your tribe maybe you can start that journey of healthier eating. Whatever you do, you can now go forward with confidence because you’ve established a strong base to support you.

Let the start of 2017 be your motivation to continue building on that foundation. What foundation did you build this year? 

Why 2016 Was the Best Year Yet for Me

In 2016, I received my master’s in biomedical engineering, I got my first “real” job, I started blogging and I finally started dating someone who treats me like a queen! I’ve become more sure of myself, acknowledging the power I have to change the world by being self-reflective. And I have a great foundation to continue building my empire on top of.

2016 was easily my best year yet. How about you?

Need a few small goals to add to your list? Check out my holiday healthy tips now!

Why was 2016 your best year yet? What did you accomplish? How did you grow? What will you be building on in 2017?
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XO Zuri


  1. Sherese Nicole

    I really liked this article! Well I guess my year was great because I’ve accomplished a little bit of all 3. Number 2 the most out of them all especially since my 26th birthday. I really looked on the past year and realized how much growth I’ve had as a woman. I’m still evolving, still growing, still learning and it’s great to know I’m becoming a better person a little bit everyday.

    Also, congrats on graduating!


    1. Zuri Ki

      Thanks so much Sherese! It’s great that you’re reflecting on your growth and can see how far you’ve come. I’m definitely with you on the continual growing and learning. There’s always something more you can do to better yourself. Thanks for sharing 🙂


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