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5 Amazing Beauty Innovations to Get Excited About

From $400 mirrors to probiotic skincare, there’s a ton of new beauty innovations being made every year. Just as fast as you can blink there is a new product promising crazy results or basically curing cancer. I kid. But seriously, where are the fascinating, jaw dropping products that have you wishing you had them? Looking for the latest beauty products inspired by new technology or crossing cultural divides? Look no further. Check out these five beauty innovations and products raising eyebrows, in a good way:

La Roche UV Patch beauty innovations
Photo courtesy of L’Oréal

1) Skin Protection

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Consequently, it is highly exposed to the UV rays from the sun. Even for those of you with darker complexions, staying mindful of how much sun exposure you are getting is important. Staying aware of your exposure and taking preventative actions slows down premature aging of the skin and reduces your risk of skin cancer.

Knowing your sun exposure level just got easier.

La Roche-Posay’s My UV Patch just made tracking your sun exposure the easiest part of your day. The flexible sensor attaches to your skin and measures how much sun you are exposed to while changing colors. This information is sent to a smartphone app and based on your individual needs, the app can tell you about your daily sun intake and provide useful tips. It’s like a health app for your skin.

Sahajan beauty innovations
Photo courtesy of Sahajan

2) Cultural Influence

With the advent of the internet (and frequent flier mileage) cultures have not only become interconnected but also have influenced each other. It’s easier than ever to buy the best selling makeup made in other countries, like France or South Korea. Even better you can now find more beauty products inspired by local ingredients of that region.

Add local favorites to your beauty regime.

With deep roots in India, Ayurvedic medicine is the inspiration by Sahajan. Meaning intuition in Hindi, Sahajan’s skincare products are created based on the philosophy that finding balance is key to living a healthy life.

Packing the luxurious, nourishing, hydrating power of Nilotica nuts, a type of nut used for shea butter, into their products, LXMI not only brings a bit of Uganda to the world but also advocates for the region as well.

Both of the founders of Sahajan and LXMI were part of the founding class of Accelerate, Sephora’s one of a kind beauty startup competition. With products like these I can’t wait to see which beauty startups Sephora picks this year!

Microbiome beauty innovations
Photo courtesy of Gallinée

3) Microbiome Skincare

You are only 50% human. Your own personal bacterial colony, or microbiome, makes up the other 50%. This collective of tiny organisms helps you digest your food and protect your immune system. You may be more familiar with the term probiotics which are commonly found in your digestive system. Well now that community of microorganisms is making it’s way to your face wash.

Probiotics for your face.

Gallinée, a European skin care line, uses probiotic, prebiotic and lactic acid to nourish the skin’s natural protective layer. I’m not sure how useful it really is but this has to be the most interesting of the five beauty innovations. Would you buy their products?

4) Custom Makeup

Finding the perfect skin matching foundation is like going 48 hours without chipping your freshly painted fingertips. It happens but it’s very, very rare. Many women search their whole life looking for the perfect match but eventually succumb to the dreaded “1 shade too dark + 1 shade too light” mix.

Print your own makeup at home.

Lucky for you, we’re on the cusp of a makeup matching revolution. Toted as the first 3D printing makeup pen, Adorn scans your skin for the perfect pigment match and “prints” the makeup right from the pen.

Even cooler you can now print your own custom eyeshadow on your home printer! Using Mink’s open source data, and a few extra components, you can print that shade of pink shadow you’ve been dreaming about. Or pre-order Mink’s Makeup Hacker and change the color of any makeup you already have. Pretty impressive, right?

SimpleHuman beauty innovations
Photo courtesy of simplehuman

5) Magic Mirrors

Never again will you look in a mirror and wonder if you’ve applied enough foundation. Or wonder whether that shade of red is too “blue” for your skin tone. Mirrors of old are simply used to acknowledge your features. But the mirrors of the future let you try on that latest eyeshadow from MAC or adjust the lighting to match the sharp lighting outside.

Find the perfect look with ease.

Finding the ideal lighting to do your makeup in is a legitimate struggle. Simplehuman’s Sensor Mirror Pro cuts that struggle by letting you adjust the mirror’s lighting so that you can see your makeup in natural, fluorescent or a number of other shades. But at $400 a pop is it worth the splurge?

With ModiFace’s Mirror, you can try on dozens of makeup looks without picking up a makeup brush. Just look into the mirror, pick out your favorite look and the mirror will superimpose the look on your face in real time. Didn’t I tell you virtual reality would make its way into your home?

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Which of these beauty innovations has you most excited? Leave a comment and let me know. And remember to share this post with others using the links below.


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