Feeling sick, drink tea

How Getting Sick Motivated Me to Do Better in Life

Getting sick is the worst! I had the pleasure of being introduced to the flu for the first time just last week. The lower back pain, the dry, sore throat, and the constant fatigue I had for 5 straight days was agonizing. However, while I laid in bed sniffling, clutching my tissues in one hand and my blanket in the other, I had plenty of time to contemplate how I got there.

Was it that doorknob I touched?

Should I have washed my hands one more time? Should I have given my coworkers more side-eye for not covering her mouth when she coughed?

Recovery was tough but some days, when I had enough energy to pick up my phone, I’d scroll through my Instagram feed. I browsed through the inspirational posts, food pics and event photos that usually fill my feed. Weirdly, instead of feeling like I was missing out, I felt a strong sense of determination to kick the flu’s butt and get back in the streets.

There was something about laying in bed against my will that made me eager to not only get active again but get to a better place in life. As I looked at all these people DOING things I couldn’t help but think that should be me! I should be at that party or I should be winning an award because I am just as capable.

Then I got to thinking about why I wasn’t. Funny thing is that even if I wasn’t sick I knew I wouldn’t be out doing those things anyway. Simply put I’ve been holding my own self back. So as I laid in bed I thought about what I can do to help myself become the best version of myself.

Here are my musings:

Feeling better while drinking tea

Simply Believe

Seeing others enjoying themselves or speaking freely about things that interest them made me realize that if they can do it why can’t I? Really, what makes anyone one individual better than someone else? Nothing.

We are all humans and we all have a unique set of abilities that makes us stand out. One too many times have I let failure make me rethink my abilities but I see what affect that has on my spirit.

I will no longer talk about what I lack but, instead, embrace what I embody. I am intelligent, meticulous and sensitive. I am a scientist and engineer with the capacity to develop into whoever I want to be.

I will never doubt my black girl magic.

Seek Support

I am the first to say I am very independent. I love shopping on my own, going to the movies by myself and traveling out of the country excites me. It’s not that I don’t like people, I just enjoy being on my own.

I have become incredibly comfortable with alone but it’s left me a little…. isolated. Plus my introversion makes it difficult for me to form new connections with other people. I’d rather be writing a new blog post instead of making small talk.

But no one got to where they are now without support. Whether they have a mentor, best friend or whole tribe that helped them along the way, they had support. So it’s about time I find my tribe. 

Just Do It

The biggest thing I realized while laying in a sea of tissues is that I have to actually take a step and jump in. Whether it’s going to an event that will help further my career or posting content on Instagram, I’ve got to stop holding myself back and take action.

There will always be someone smarter or better but no one can do what I do like I can. Someone is just waiting to meet me because I have exactly what they need. I figure if I go at it with the desire to help, then the opportunities will show up. Now I just need to make sure I am ready to grab them.

Have you had any “aha” moments when you were sick? Ever discover something new about yourself? If so, let me know below!

XO Zuri


  1. Nadia

    The “seek support” section is REAL! I too suffer from being extremely independent. I can become a hermit and not even realize it until I get chewed out by my family. I’ve been making myself more conscious of when I drift a little too far back into my seclusion. I make sure to keep my fam and friends abreast to what’s going on with me (I used to suffer in silence). Now the communication is better, but I also reassure them that since I do make a conscious effort to communicate with them if something’s wrong now, if they haven’t heard from me…know that I’m all good. Just vibing in my own world 🙂


    1. Zuri Ki

      It’s really great to hear that you’re working on keeping others in the loop! I still struggle with keeping in touch with family and friends but at least I’m aware of it and trying to work on it.


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