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9 Remarkable Facts You Should Know About Your Heart

February is heart health month. Honestly, heart health isn’t something I think about probably because it always seems like a problem for the older generation. Not for someone in their 20s with little to no stress.

Since I work for a healthcare company, they love encouraging healthy living. So for the entire month of February they’re offering FREE oatmeal for breakfast. Ok so not everyone gets excited about oatmeal but I mean it’s FREE! And it’s good for the heart.

So in honor of heart health, I’ve put together a number of fascinating facts about your heart that you should know.  So grab some oatmeal, sprinkle on some brown sugar and browse through this list of fun facts.

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Stay heart healthy

1) Your heart can continue to beat OUTSIDE your body

Your heart has electrical impulses running through it! The sinoatrial (SA) node is your heart’s natural pacemaker. It sends out an electrical impulse that causes the chambers in your heart to contract and force blood through. This system is completely separate from the rest of your body so if your heart is removed it can still beat on its own. Very Edgar Allan Poe, eh?

2) You’re more likely to have a heart attack on MONDAY

This probably isn’t too surprising. I mean does anyone really look forward to a Monday?

3) An active SEX life is good for a man’s heart

Erectile dysfunction has been shown to be a precursor to a heart attack. Within 5 years of developing erectile dysfunction a man may start developing symptoms of heart disease. So make sure you or your mister are getting it on at least 3X a week for good health.

4) An adult’s heart is about the size of two FISTS

Clasp your hands together. That is about how large your heart is.

5) Your heart pumps 90 GALLONS of blood every hour

That’s a lot of blood. I don’t even want to think about that much blood. HA! Just think of all the hard work your heart does without you even thinking about it!

Your heart inside your body
Courtesy of Fact Retriever

6) The heart can appear on the RIGHT side of the body

Your heart is actually in the near center of your body. It juts out to the left of your breastbone just slightly so we’ve been taught it’s on the left side. Situs inversus is a rare genetic condition in which the body’s internal organs are transposed. This means the heart will be on right and all the other organs will be positioned on the opposite side.

7) HEART CANCER is very rare

The Mayo Clinic only treats one person a year with heart cancer. Even if you do get it it’s more likely due to metastasis, or cancer that spread from another part of your body. Unlike the cells in your internal organs, such as your lungs or kidney, the cells of the heart stop dividing early in life. And since cancer happens when abnormal cells multiply rapidly, heart cancer is a rare occurrence.

8) Your heart beats about 100,000 TIMES A DAY!

Or over 36,000,000 times a year! That’s a lot of thumping…

9) The THUMPING of your heart is the sound of the heart valves moving

Your heart has 4 chambers that control the direction of blood flow. Each chamber has a valve that opens and closes to allow blood to flow through. The thumping sound of your heart beat is the of the valves clasping shut.


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XO Zuri

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