About Zuri Ki

Hi I’m Zuri Ki…

… and I am a scientist and engineer who

thrives on engaging convos,

loves listening to trap music

and is a self-professed granny at heart.

I am also insatiably curious and love to just think! On my blog you’ll find topics about science and culture that pique my interest and hopefully some things that you’ll find curious too.

Feel free to:

Until next time,

Zuri Ki


  1. marsha

    You are gorgeous Sistar. Beauty + Brains too, I am in Awe of you. A Master’s degree in bio medical engineer is a freaking big deal. Congratulations. Perhaps you can fuse this with your love for beauty and create a skincare line, health supplements, health tonics or juices. Your possibilities are endless. Health and Blessings


    1. Zuri Ki

      Thanks for the love! I appreciate it! It was definitely hard work but I made it through. And yeah maybe in the future I’ll have my own company *fingers crossed* ­čÖé


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